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Good design is the beginning of creating “Architecture” at any scale or in any project type. Foundational elements in good design is the fulfillment of the clients program, the utilization of all appropriate and available technologies and fine tuning the budget to achieve the best possible structure and space for the client and occupants. The careful orchestration of form, materials, technology and budget will then coalesce to create the successful project. Design style, in any formal or ideological way, is neither a starting point nor a predetermined goal.


Architecture comes about when the design transcends the minimum requirements of the program to create qualities of space, light, color, form and texture that are human in scale. The success of our projects can be measured not only by efficiencies and economics but also by the positive perceptions and value that the client, users and the public put on our work.


Over a thirty year period of practice, we have gained experience in most commercial and institutional project types including

  • Urban mixed use projects

  • Multifamily housing

  • Hospitality and resorts

  • Office buildings

  • Rail and Air Transportation facilities

  • Urban and rural infrastructure


Each project undertaken adds to the continuity of work and knowledge that we employ on all future projects. Our work is driven by the problem at hand not an ideology or parametric process. We are ultimately interested in the development of total design integrity where there is no distinction between structure, program or philosophy in the final product. We also look for the widest variety of project types in which to work on design.


We believe that we should learn as much as we can about as many aspects of architecture and design as possible. We try to remain generalists, not specializing in one type of project, however we have found our work focusing on a few project types such as housing and urban design.





Mango-Produce LA

Los Angeles, California

Irving Court Development

Westminster, Colorado

Passenger Terminal Renovation

Mojave Desert, California 

2500 Pearl Street

Boulder, Colorado


Goodheart Building Adaptive Use

Denver, Colorado

Prospect Place

Denver, Colorado


Russia 43v 2

Denver, Colorado

Golden Row v2

Denver, Colorado

210 St. Paul Development

Denver, Colorado

"Kumiko" Mixed Use High Rise Housing

Los Angeles, California 

Valdez Perry Library

Denver, Colorado

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Boulder, Colorado 

Brown Wiltse Residence

Denver, Colorado

Russia 43

Denver, Colorado

McMahan Residence

Boulder, Colorado

Nara Convention Hall Design


Nara, Japan


Englewood Mixed Use

Englewood, Colorado

Law Residence

Denver, Colorado


Family Compound

Riyadh, KSA

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