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Urban Design / Infrastructure


For over 30 years our urban design efforts have been recognized for their well researched, clear and appropriate responses to the goals and requirements of complex planning problems. We do not subscribe to a specific approach or design ideology and innovation is based on a foundation of solid research and precedent.  We look for and find the best and most holistic solution within the problem itself and we validate that solution against solid research and analysis. We explore hidden systems and infrastructure and develop an understanding of patterns of use and what can be called “urban opportunity” to validate our proposals.


Bridge design has grown out of our urban design work. The complexities of this project type and architectural and technical responses required fits well with our integrative design approach.


Our architects and designers work closely with our engineers as equal partners throughout the design process.





125m long double helix bridge structure. An elevated connector between two haves of the new urban park in the center of a redeveloped precinct of the city, the structure acts as an enclosed garden path transporting the pedestrian away from the busy urban

Shenzhen One City Garden Bridge

Shenzhen, China

(with Buro Happold)

Platte River Bridge

Denver, Colorado

Confluence Bridge

Arvada, Colorado

Denver Millennium Bridge

Denver, Colorado

RiverLife Pedestrian Bridge

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

La Kretz Crossing

Los Angeles, California

(with Buro Happold)

Clean Tech Corridor Competition

Los Angeles, California

Prospect Place Master Plan

Denver, Colorado

Squibb Park Bridge (Design Competition)

Brooklyn, New York.

(with Buro Happold)

Urban Master Plan

Denver, Colorado

Velika Plaza Master Plan

Ulcinj, Montenegro


Sydney Harbor Pedestrian Crossing

Sydney, Australia.

(with Buro Happold)

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