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Single Family Residential Projects




McMahan Residence

Boulder, Colorado



This 7000 square foot house was designed for a couple with a small working farm on a rural site outside of Boulder. The brief was to design a house to support an active outdoor lifestyle and accommodate a growing contemporary art collection


Sited near a pond, springs and mature trees, a series of sandstone walls define the house and landscape plan.  Heavy timber structure, wood decking for the roof is balanced against the stone walls and floor. Infill between is either glass or plaster. Woodwork throughout is finished like furniture acting as a counterpoint to the roughness of the stone and landscape.



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Brown Wiltse Residence

Denver, Colorado



This 12,500sf house was a radical renovation/addition to a mid century modern house that included living spaces, a gallery wing for an extensive art collection and new lap pool.

The new spaces of the house were oriented to the gardens of this 21,000sf urban site.


Materials are black brick, channel glass, cedar cladding and precast concrete. Interior finishes are painted plaster and stone floors.

The Gallery Wing with pool in front

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Law Residence

Denver, Colorado



Built in an established Denver neighborhood, this urban house was designed around an extensive contemporary art collection.


The house was organized around an exterior landscaped court and adjacent outdoor living spaces. Large glazed walls and openings reinforce the outdoor relationship internally while, in contrast, the street façade is opaque, giving no clue to the spaces inside.


A specially fabricated limestone baguette was used for the exterior finish and the interior is limestone and painted plaster contrasted with crafted wood and stainless steel detailing.


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Lucas Residence

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Situated on a complex south facing slope that drops over 100 feet that is as steep as 30% in some locations, this 3000 square foot house was designed for an active couple on an extreme site South of

Santa Fe.


Stepping down the slope, the plan, circulation and orientation of the house is all focused on the vistas of mountains and landscapes as far as 60 miles away.


A combination of site cast concrete and conventional framing define the sculptural form which will be finished in stucco with color and tones found in the landscape.


View from the site to the southwest


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Williams Residence

Denver, Colorado


Conceived as a series of stacked orthogonal volumes and planes under a large lyrical pavilion roof, this 5000 sf house was designed for an art collector on a prominent park site in an urban neighborhood in central Denver. The house was designed to accommodate unique program requirements of the owner. These included maximum transparency, unobstructed views and minimal walls. Movement through the house takes one through and around volumes while openings in the planar surfaces provide unique garden views. The internal plan is oriented east/west to the park (and mountain vista beyond to the west) and the urban garden to the east. 


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