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Irving Court Development

Westminster, Colorado



Regional transit in Denver is expanding. Being 12 minutes away from Union Station, the new commuter rail connection has the potential to leverage the activity and energy of the Denver city center into this location. This will create a new urban center as well as offering an economical urban living alternative to downtown Denver.


The site is approximately 2.3 acres directly adjacent to the commuter rail station. The brief calls for 125 units of market rental housing with 25 “for sale” townhomes. Parking is below grade. Both of these uses will be organized around programmed open space containing gardens and a fruit orchard historically reconnecting with agriculture uses that were historically part of this landscape.


This project offers the opportunity to remake infill development regionally demonstrating that Physical and Social Sustainability concepts make good economic sense. Some of these concepts include:

  • Housing units organized for potential multigenerational living.

  • Balance rental with for sale housing to stabilize and encourage “community.”

  • Reuse of existing industrial buildings for food based businesses and activities.

  • Use food to connect with existing neighborhoods. Integrate not isolate the development within the community.

  • Integration of alternate energy; solar hot water, passive solar and water reuse/conservation, PV and LED lighting. Minimize all operating/maintenance  costs

  • Integration of transit choice options into the development including car share options.


Prior to beginning the design process, our team was engaged to assist the owner in developing market studies and develop a marketing concept for the project. Much of our program development was data driven from our research.


The ultimate project goals will be to develop a model of a financially successful sustainably high performing development that encourages cross generational living within a strong developing community   



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