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Golden Row v 2

Denver, Colorado


This small infill urban site of 8100sf in The Golden Triangle, a fast developing part of downtown Denver, was the last vacant property on this block of Cherokee Street. The brief called for approximately 26,000 square feet of “for sale” housing. In the development of the design this translated to 15 units in sizes from 1100-2500sf on six levels above a small street level retail/gallery space. Parking for the property is placed below the building.


The west (street) façade is the only visible image of the building. This façade is designed with moveable pervious screens. Individual owners can move the screens as they desire. The composition of the façade is constantly changes with the movement of the sun around the building.


As with all of our buildings, creating a healthy living environment was a major design goal. The plan and section developed by splitting and pulling the building apart to create opportunities for daylight and cross ventilation as well as creating multiple opportunities to experience common green spaces within the building including second level gardens and the accessible green roof which was designed for the flexibility of individual owner gardens.

Moveable Screens activating the principal facade constantly changing the composition

Section Pulled Apart to allow

light and air into the center of the


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