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Englewood Mixed Use

Englewood, Colorado



The Englewood City Center Master Plan envisioned a vibrant mixed use community that would blend civic, retail and housing into its downtown.  The intersection of Englewood Parkway and Broadway is key component to completing this plan. It is the gateway to the downtown and links the city center with the new government center redevelopment to the east.


The site for this mixed use development is on the southwest corner of that intersection. The brief was to develop a multi phased development in a series of structures that would include housing and retail.


The complete project would deliver between 80-100 residential units and 18-20,000sf of retail or small office use in a three phase development. Our portion of the project would deliver 70 residential units in the first two phases of the work. The City had approved construction of a parking structure to support this and other development in the area. Construction was to parallel the development of these sites.

Our two phase development includes:


  • The first building housing 35 1 and 2 bedroom units was to be built on the corner of Broadway and Englewood Parkway completing the city’s development intent.

  • Phase two is to build a similar structure to Phase 1 with an additional 35 units replacing the surface parking. This work would coincide with construction of the city parking structure. This second building would also provide a second level link between parking and the first phase of the development


The structure was proposed to be a post tensioned concrete frame and slab with a prefabricated panel skin of cement board cladding was planned on the upper levels and. Interior spaces had ceiling heights of 10 feet (12 feet on the top floor), were to be finished in painted drywall, polished concrete floors and exposed ceiling with exposed mechanical.

The roof structure over the central courtyard is to be clad in photovoltiacs. This energy gathering element will help offset the electrical demand. The shape of the roof structure is intended to enhance airflow over the courtyard to generate ventilation.




Site Plan with project organized along the block edge. Courtyard space under PV shade element in image at right.

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